New Skyrock Features – Personalize Blog Skins and Create Photo Slideshows

skyrock logoSkyrock, which is extremely popular social network in Europa, is working to add more profile/blog customization options to give more freedom to the users. Couple new features was introduced lately: Blog skin personalization and photo slideshows for profile pages.

Blog skin personalization

Now you are able to customize your blog colors and fonts as you wish not only choose premade skins and themes. Go into “Manage your blog” > Personalize” > “Personalized Skin” and you will find new tool which allows you to manipulate with different options to personalize your blog.

skyrock skins

Photo Slideshows

Creating photo slideshows is made very easy – it takes only couple minutes to do that. Here are few steps tekan from Skyrock blog to make all thing clear:

  1. Log in and go into “Manage your Profile”;
  2. Click on “My photos” => “My slideshow” => “Activate my slideshow”;
  3. Play with the different effects! Shower your pictures with hearts, bubbles, or tomatoes. Or find an attractive base color to dress up the background — like emerald green to bring out your eyes throughout the pictures!
  4. A neat idea: Have your friends add your slideshow to their blogs! Just check off “Show my slideshow on their blogs”;

Of course these features are nothing comparing to external widget attachment or developer platform but I think they will satisfy some of the users. Also customization isn’t the only thing that attracts users – it is community which in this case looks to be pretty strong.