New Site Matches Job Seekers to Corporate Culture

Find a JobAnother day, another job site, right?

We feel the same way but this one sounds pretty unique in its approach. OneDegree is a site dedicated to match job candidates with companies based on the type of culture the candidate would be a best fit. That’s right, we said culture. We didn’t say resume, skills or experience. Focused on an audience of 18 to 29 year-olds, the site is currently working with Notre Dame to model their formula to college students.

Candidates are asked what they want. Do they want to work set hours or are they looking for more flexibility? A lot of feedback or very little? A lot of risk or relatively none?

They’re also asked how they live. Do they live to work or work to live? Do they want a steady routine or do they prefer to shake things up? And then they’re also asked what they know. Is their expertise public relations? Accounting? Sales?

Sean Storin, one of the co-founders, explained to ERE, “There is lots of math and computer stuff behind it all but in the end it is about creating one degree of separation between skilled people and the opportunity they belong in.”

By connecting job seekers with like-minded people and employers, the site shares profiles capturing the three pillars mentioned above. Going forward, employers on the site will have the ability to describe their corporate culture. Then they can match it to employees based on their preferences.

We’re looking forward to hearing not only how effective it is with a match but what happens once the candidate gets hired. Assuming the cultures are truly a match, does that supersede their abilities to do the job? Or maybe they’ll thrive because they’re working in an environment that is stellar in their eyes. Hmmm…just some food for thought.