Job Seekers, Listen Up! New Site Cleans Up Your Digital Dirt

Have you ever Googled yourself? Come on, ‘fess up.

We all should do it to see what recruiters find when they search our names. Plus, it’s a way to scan anything questionable and monitor your online presence. Similar to auditing photos on Facebook when you get tagged, it’s always wise to manage your social media sites.

Well, we heard a new site, Persona, can do that for you for free (did we just say, “Free?” Yes, we did!) covering Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Although we haven’t tried it out for ourselves just yet, apparently the site can quickly remove regrettable photos (keg stand, anyone?) from your past. It can also send text messages to your phone to let you know when new ones emerge.

It sounds like it’s big on cleaning up your past and giving your alerts in real-time for the present. Keep in mind a paid service is available that adds a little more flair.

Per its site it looks like the paid service of $19.99 per year gets covers image scanning and deletion. This is in addition to services already provided for free such as monitoring the sites, managing the web and mobile interface and more.

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