New Site Aims to Connect Former Borders Staff with New Jobs

There’s been an outpouring of support over the past few days in the publishing and bookselling community for those affected by the collapse of Borders, and some have banded together to turn their words into action. They launched a new blog yesterday, and they plan to try to help as many former Borders’ employees as the can.

I learned about the site through Colleen Lindsay, a friend I know through Twitter. here’s how she described why they want to accomplish:  “So after much Google+ brainstorming, Laura Anne Gilman came up with the idea for a Borders blog, a place where those folks who work near a Borders store that is closing can post about any open positions they’d like an unemployed Borders employee to get first crack at. Chris Kubica put this Posterous blog together together on the fly.”

You can find the blog here, and I’m sure that Colleen and co would love to hear about any related job openings that you know of. Image by London Permaculture