New Self-Pub Workshop Coming Up

Have you been thinking about getting into self-publishing, but unsure of where to start? This workshop might be for you.

A book designer I know, Joel Friedlander, has been writing about self-pub, book design, and the like for some years now. He’s even written a book on the subject. Today i learned that he’s recently decided to offer a workshop called The Self-Publishing Roadmap.

Here’s more from the pitch: “With checklists, tutorials, detailed action plans and an easy to understand style, the Roadmap will get you on the road to publication, and make sure your book is the best it can be. Throughout the course you’ll learn how authors are using the new technologies, new tools and production methods, and new paths to market that are being created almost every day. You’ll get the real-world information you need to make good decisions for your own books.”

The workshop is spread across 5 segments and it comes with extensive PDF docs for you to download.

The Self-Publishing Roadmap

image by uniinnsbruck