New Search Engine Launches With Goal to ‘Clean Up Web Search’

A new search engine, Blekko, launched this week, which seeks to take the spam and other useless finds out of Web search. In addition, Blekko offers additional info with each search, such as SEO and link activity.

Blekko searches three billion Web pages, excluding results from sites like Demand Media (which create content based on Web searches), but including vertical search engines. And users can do a search on a specific site or category of sites.

“The goal is to clean up Web search and get all the spam out of it,” founder Rich Skrenta told the New York Times.

Adam Sherk, an SEO and PR strategist with Define Search Strategies, used Blekko data to analyze about 30 major news sites. BBC News, The New York Times, and the Guardian came out on top. For the full list and details about the analysis, click here.

The Daily Beast also did its own study, pitting Blekko against Google. And while it’s overall findings put  Blekko in last place, the article about the test says the search engine does have some strong points.

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