New Sean Lennon Album Trailer Features Lohan, Bijou, Others Normally Found At Bungalow 8

While his father is still the subject of big screen documentaries, Sean Lennon is still producing music — and, this time, even movies. For Friendly Fire, his first album since 1998, Lennon produced a short film for each track — with appearances by such friends as Lindsay Lohan, former girlfriend Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, Carrie Fisher, Devon Aoki, Jordana Brewster and other assorted club-friendly clientele — along with a movie-style trailer.

While we haven’t heard the album in its entirety yet, we have to respectfully disagree with Filter‘s assessment:

“On par with the best work this family’s produced … remarkable.” — Filter

We’re talking about the same Lennons, right? The ones that “produced,” oh, say, Hey Jude, Abbey Road and the White Album?