New Sam Lypsite Story Serialized Online

eBookNewser wants to point your attention to 5 Chapters, a Website that serializes a short story in five daily parts each week. 5 Chapters is just a Web page, and it doesn’t offer eBook downloads of its content, but we want to show you how you can turn this week’s story into an eBook.

This week’s story is by Sam Lipsyte. It’s called “A New Start,” and it’s an excerpt from his forthcoming novel ‘The Ask.’

So, say you want to read this on your Kindle. One thing you can do it point the Kindle’s crappy web browser to the 5 Chapters site, but you wouldn’t want to do that: it will take you longer to get to the site with the Kindle browser than it will to read the book. You could just cut and paste the text and save it as a word doc, then email it to your Kindle account and have it wirelessly delivered for $.10 or drag and drop it to the Kindle for free. But that takes too long and maybe costs $.10. Our suggestion of to use a service like ReKindleIt, which we reported on way back when, to quickly turn the story into Kindle friendly text and get it on your Kindle.

Here’s an excerpt from our earlier report: “Here’s how it works. Go to the RekindleIT Web site ( There, you’re guided through a few simple steps to register RekindleIT’s email with your Kindle account and to drag a link to your bookmarks bar. Then, all you do is surf over to any page you want to put on your Kindle, click the link you just dragged, tell the RekindleIT popup window whether you’d like your document wireless Whispersynced to your Kindle (for which Amazon will charge you about $.15) or emailed to you for free (after which you can transfer the file by USB). The whole process takes a matter of seconds.”

So that’s how you read Sam Lipsyte’s new story on your Kindle.