New Research Shows Tough Job Market for College Grads

jobsMemo to new college graduates excited about the future — you may want to skip reading this blog.

That’s because The Accenture 2014 College Graduate Employment Survey showed that only 11 percent of students graduating in 2014 have already secured a job during the research compared to 16 percent from the Class of 2013.

As for previous years, 46 percent of 2013 graduates are currently employed full-time. This is in comparison to 68 percent of 2012 grads. As full-time numbers decrease, part-time numbers increase: 27 percent of respondents are working part-time jobs compared to 16 percent in the prior year.

At least they’re cautiously optimistic. Per the survey, 84 percent of 2014 grads anticipate finding a job in their field of study compared to the reality of 67 percent of last year’s grads working in their chosen field.

In addition, this year’s class expects their first employer to provide them with full-on training even though more than half of last year’s grads in the survey mentioned they didn’t receive training in their very first job in the real world.

As for the really grim news, 46 percent of employees who graduated in the past two years revealed they’re underemployed and working in roles that don’t even require college degrees. This is five percentage points higher than last year’s survey.

We’ll end this post on a higher note, okay? Two-thirds of graduates from the past two years firmly believed their education prepared them for their careers and their college degree was essentially important to launching their careers. In fact, more than half said their college or university helped them find job opportunities after their graduations.