New Research Shows Self-Employment Could Hinder Your Shot at Full-Time Job Offers

According to a new research study mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, being self-employed could hinder your shot at landing a full-time corporate job.

Researchers concluded after a two-year experiment that self-employed job seekers went on fewer interviews than candidates who worked in corporate America.

Here’s the kicker: Researchers submitted pairs of faux resumes and cover letters to 100 job postings in the United Kingdom for human resources roles. For each pair of applicants,  the only main item that differed was their recent job experience.

One job seeker’s most recent position was an independent HR professional whereas the other candidate’s most recent role was in corporate HR. Researchers noticed employers were more likely to pursue candidates who recently worked in corporate but wait, it gets better — there was gender bias, too.

Men didn’t land the interviews as easily as women when both came from a self-employment consulting background. Researchers weren’t sure why that was the case but they recognized corporate employers sought job candidates with employment histories to reflect just that — recent corporate jobs.

In the piece, lead author Philip Koellinger pointed out differences between the employee mindset and entrepreneurial mind and the stigmas employers seem to possess relating to self-employed candidates.

He spoke of the latter and indicated entrepreneurs “may be very able and productive managers themselves, as long as they don’t have a boss. Employers may attach that stereotype to everyone who was self-employed.”