New Reports Suggests Tuesday And Wednesday Are Best Days To Post On Facebook

A new report published yesterday suggests that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post status updates on Facebook. The reason is that click through rates are dramatically higher on those two days. It’s not surprising considering that this is a trend found around the web in traditional publishing channels. If you do a press release, the best days have traditionally been Monday through Wednesday as those are the days that most people read the news.

What was somewhat surprising was the substantial drop off in click through starting on Thursday. Content published on Thursday receives half the clicks of stories published the previous day. This data was compiled across over 200 million fan impressions. Tracking feed story impressions is difficult if not impossible with Facebook Pages currently, however viewing the total number of page impressions for a Facebook Page on any given day is not thanks to Facebook’s insights application.

The lesson learned is that if you are looking to reach a lot of people with your news, you don’t want to publish stories on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Also of interest was that the average click through rate was 6.76 percent. That’s an extremely high response rate for any marketing program. The only problem is that this is a measure of clicks as a percentage of Facebook Page impressions, not feed impressions which would yield substantially lower results.

The findings of the report are included below.

-Facebook CTR Chart-