New Reality Show, ‘White Collar Brawlers’ Lets Colleagues Duke It Out

There goes good karma in the office! Want to be nice for the sake of um, just being nice and making peace in the office?

One reality show is thinking not so much.

Per The New York Post, Esquire Network is letting six pairs of colleagues put up their dukes in White Collar Brawlers.

Premiering tomorrow night at 10 p.m. EST, two financial planners at a consumer goods company will train for six weeks (not in financial planning mind you…more like the boxing ring!) before sporting the boxing gloves.

Then they’ll let their aggressions out in the boxing ring for three bouts. Per the article, the dueling co-workers were former roommates and when they moved out a month early, they had to cough up $13,000.

Bruce Silverglade, the owner of Gleason’s Gym, told the newspaper he normally doesn’t let clients go into the ring after six weeks but he accelerated the training for the show by focusing on basic moves for approximately three hours each day.

“The fellows that came in they were green, they had never been in a boxing gym so it was easy to teach them — much easier than training a lot of the young men that come in here that want to box because everybody’s macho when they come in here and they think they know what they’re doing.”

Although we’re all about peaceful conflict resolution here at MJD (as in, put away the boxing gloves and walk briskly away from the ring), Silverglade mentioned it doesn’t really matter what the gripe is since succeeding in the ring is more about conditioning than wiping out your opponent due to a grudge. “Either you’re going to pick up the training and learn what you’re doing or not. Being mad or not mad doesn’t help in the ring.”