New Radio Show Finds Men Delicious

Erin July 2008.jpgListeners to may have noticed a sassy new voice on the airwaves this weekend. Erin Muir, writer, actress, astrologer, former burlesque dancer, former opera singer… (the list goes on. Suffice to say “Angeleno.”), debuted her new show Wide Open on Saturday at 1 p.m.

We caught up with the multi-hyphenate and were delighted to find she was “wide open” to answering a few dumb questions (Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.):

1. What is your background? I’ve been performing music since age 5-6, and traveling since age 12, and writing since age 11 or so; I’ve done massage for 11 years and I have done radio for .016 years. (i.e. one week.)

But I have produced and written and directed plays and short films; I feel thereby very excited about my show! I love most of all to have fun, and show people a good time; all within the context of a search for deeper meaning in life and the idea that I am on earth to be of service to “other” through the use of my talents. I am not a talented whistler. I am not a talented rodeo rider. I am an Internet junky and a bohemian artist, so, here I am, producing and hosting a magazine radio show on a dot com station!

2. The promotions for the show described it as being about “food and sex.” Why that particular combo? It’s not so much a combination of food and sex (as my email must have indicated) as much as it is one single, spiritual, sassy girl’s search for everything. And since it’s me, and I like food, and I like sex, we will talk a lot about those things. But we will talk a lot also about: spirituality, healing, arts, music, and books. And probably men. Lots of talk about men. And there will be girl crushes, you know. That, too.

Still don’t know what Wide Open is about? You’ll have to listen (but just in case, here’s the ad copy):

Wide Open is One Fun, Funny, Sexy, Smart Single Girl’s search for meaning in this crazy, mixed up world! Erin Muir shares her sense and sexability in her search for… everything! She discusses dating, sex, spirituality, music, fashion, arts and culture…. and anything else that’s left in the world…. is there? Oh, yeah! Food! Guests dish about their own lives; we meet bachelors and have girl crushes; travel the world in search of enlightenment, and go on a few audio blog adventures… (Who knew pole dancing class was really a spiritual meditation!? Who knew we were the creators of our own beautiful, successful lives? Who knew men were so…. delicious!?)