New Promo Angle for Starbucks: Hottest Date Spot in Town

#DateTogether will certainly fare better than #RaceTogether, no?

Starbucks’ efforts to promote itself as a place to discuss #RaceTogether failed miserably, but we have a new idea: #DateTogether.

On TV and in the movies, when someone pitches a first date, it’s almost always “let’s grab a drink sometime.” But in the real world, it turns out you’re more likely to meet a new beau for a cup of coffee (or a burrito?!) than a class of wine at a bar.

A new survey, conducted by dating app Clover, lists the restaurant chains where ladies and gents looking for love are most likely to schedule a first date. While we weren’t terribly shocked that Starbucks took the top spot (they’re on virtually every street corner and don’t require much creativity or much of a time commitment), we wonder if Chipotle was surprised to find itself in second place — after all, how does one ask about siblings and pets while attempting to fit a giant burrito into his or her mouth?

And yet, there it is, second from the top:

Screen_Shot_2015-04-06_at_6.13.08_PMIn fact, the above infographic got us thinking: how many of these brands actually think of themselves — or promote themselves — as romantic  rendezvous spots? If taken to heart (no pun intended), might these survey results provide some free market research that these companies could use to their advantage?

After all, romance makes headlines; if a fast food chain like Burger King can stir the internet into a flurry of “Awww’s” and “How cute’s” by paying for a wedding between a man named Burger and a woman named King, what could these brands do with this data and a little creativity?

Oh, and another hint: even if urban coffee drinkers don’t have a hot date, they may need a place to leave their pups…