New PR Database for Tech Holds More Names Than Cision & Vocus


A new PR tool specifically for tech came out of beta this week. ITDatabase does what much bigger platforms Vocus and Cision do, though with more targeted results based on keywords within journalists’ published work rather than beat listings, or descriptions collected manually.

In my email exchange with ITDatabase founder Travis Van, I found out that their product has more names than their competitors, though he vows never to reveal the number–more on that in a moment.

In addition to keyword searching, you can search by person and by outlet. The database covers tech trades, blogs, and reporters who write about tech at non-tech outlets (such as PRNewser). A dashboard of results appears that includes the top “vendors” covered, and the themes. For example, when I type in Nick Carr I find that his blog is called Rough Type. He’s posted 13 times in the past month, mentioning the company Twitter the most at nine times, and his top theme is “Web 2.0 & Social”. I can then add him to my project list.

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Like Vocus, ITDatabase manages your interaction with each contact. ITDatabase has icons to remind you if you’ve pitched a person, uncovered an opportunity, or landed coverage. Like all other PR database platforms, you can export your lists easily.

As I mentioned above, Van won’t reveal the depth of ITDatabase’s information since he wants to avoid an arms race, “I personally guarantee you that we have many more than Cision or Vocus though.” And, all of the contact information is gathered manually while what’s really important for targeted pitching–recent content–is updated as it’s published.

Van also promises to add Twitter handles in the next two months.

ITDatabase is promising to me since tech PR is vast, fast, and fluid. This database keeps you current and does it without fuss, lag or dreck.