Twitter Buzz About New Pope Hit 140,000 Tweets Per Minute

Twitter has a few well-known loves. Sports would top the list and is probably tied with celebrities, followed closely behind by politics and ridiculous trending topics. But you might be surprised to learn about Tweeple’s other love – religion (or at least the Pope).

And the Dalai Lama is pretty popular too.

Even before the official @Pontifex account sent its first tweet (all the previous tweets from Pope Benedict XVI were deleted), the Twitterverse was going nuts about the white smoke coming from the Sistine Chapel, signifying a new Pope had been selected during Conclave.

And what did Pope Francis (or whoever manages Twitter for him) have to say for that first, momentous tweet? “We have Pope Francis.”

We’ll have to wait and see if this means future tweets from the @Pontifex account will be about him rather than from him. More on that as it develops.

But back to tweeple’s Pope obsession: According to Topsy analysis, there were over 137,773 Tweets being posted per minute at the peak around 12:15PT, with over 4M total tweets in the two hours following the announcement (for a total reach of over 15 billion impressions). Here’s how the global conversation looked on Twitter:


The Dalai Lama even joined in:

And so did Twitterer-in-Chief, President Obama:

Did you tweet about the new Pope? And are you a follower of any religious accounts on Twitter?

(Pope image from Shutterstock)