New Opportunities Await Former WINS Anchor Sandi Klein

Sandi Klein, an afternoon mainstay at 1010 WINS, stepped away from her anchor role last month. She tells FishbowlNY that it was her decision to give up the high-profile position.

“It’s an anomaly to leave a venerable institution like WINS,” Klein admits. “People really don’t do that.”

In Klein’s case, this was not a retirement. She left the daily grind of All-News.

“I just thought I’d like to try something else within the broadcast field,” Klein says.

Klein has been working non-stop in New York since 1980. She made a career as a freelance newscaster at numerous FM stations, before her WINS debut in 1993.

“I guess it never really registered,” Klein says. “I guess I’m just shocked at how old I am or how fast it went.”

Klein points out that she has not lined up her next job yet.  She says leaving WINS, albeit a difficult decision, wasn’t one that lingered.

“This was something that was starting to brew like February or March,” Klein says.

After struggling with relinquishing her midday slot, Klein knew her brain had already made the choice. But adds how empowering it was to leave WINS on good terms.

While Klein wouldn’t delve into specific ideas, one thing is clear: Don’t expect to hear Klein recite the typical newscast again.

“I would like to do Talk,” Klein says. “I don’t want to do stuff that’s heavy duty, but everybody has a story to tell.”

For example, Klein says alleged perpetrator’s families are usually not the focus of the media, instead giving much attention to the victim’s side of the story.

She’d like to do “people to people” interview shows,” but cautions it may not be for everyone.

“Is there a market here for this? ‘I don’t know.’

“Do I start my own website? I don’t know.'”

Another idea is a program moderator in the mold of James Lipton on The Actor’s Studio.

Klein says joining several former WINS colleagues at FM News 101.9 would be of interest with the station likely leaning more toward News/Talk, like its Philadelphia station.

“But I would never go there to do news–ever,” Klein admits.

Regardless of where Klein lands, she’s forever indebted to WINS.

“It was a great run, and I worked with some really fabulous people,” Klein says. “That’s what I’ll miss the most.”

She says there’s no timetable for the next chapter, but will probably take the summer off.

“I hope I don’t wake up one day and say, ‘What have you done?'” Klein says. “But I don’t think so.”