New OpenTable Mobile Site Lets You Find & Make Reservations at Restaurants Nearby

OpenTable, the free online restaurant reservations site, launched its redesigned mobile web site this month. The site uses HTML5 to provide a new look and feel to visitors. It makes use of HTML5’s ability to work with integrated geolocation features in a phone to find and make reservations at nearby restaurants.

The redesigned site features four large easy to touch option icons on a smartphone’s display. The upper right icon, Nearby, lets you find restaurants within 10 miles (in my test). The By Location icon provides the option to find restaurants in a specific city, at a specific address or by ZIP code. The By Name icon option lets you search for a restaurant by name. And, the My OpenTable icon option provides information based on your OpenTable account.
You can take a look at OpenTable’s redesigned site by pointing your HTML5 compliant mobile web browser at: