New Official Facebook Stats Show More Sharing Per User

As it tends to do every few months, Facebook has quietly made another round of updates to its official company Statistics page. Most of the changes are about increased sharing. Even as the number of users increases, the average user appears to be getting more engaged. Here’s how the changes compare to the last update in June and the one before in February.

Facebook reached 500 million monthly active users in late August, by its own measure; that stat and a few others are unchanged, including the fact that more than have of active users log on in a given day, and that the average user has 130 friends.

However, the total amount of time spent by these users on site is up considerably, from 500 million minutes in late June to 700 million now. The surge is most likely due to the increasing size of the user base.

That said, other engagement counts are also up.

Now, there are around 900 million “objects” that Facebook users interact with, way up from 160 million in June. Defined as “pages, groups, events and community pages,” this stat likely presages the launch of the new version of Groups last week, so expect it to go up even more as users experiment with that feature. One caveat is that some Place Pages and Community Pages are created and pre-populated by Facebook, so the increase is not only due to user activity.

Yet the average user is now connected to “80 community pages, groups and events” — and presumably also including Pages — according to the latest update. That’s up from 60 of these “objects” in June, suggesting that more users are finding and using these features.

Users are also creating more “pieces of content,” which Facebook describes as “web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.” From 25 billion pieces of content being created each month as of June, now 30 billion are. Strangely, the average user is creating a relatively higher portion than before — 90 versus 70 per month. Given the overall growth of Facebook, and the increase in content being created per user, one would think the total monthly number would be higher.

Most of the other stats now on the page have previously been announced. Notably, more than one million web sites have integrated with Connect, the social plugins or some other Facebook platform feature, including two-thirds of the largest 100 US web sites and half of the largest 100 worldwide, based on comScore data. And, more than 150 million people engage with Facebook off-site per month.