New NYC Condom Wrapper Design Finalists Selected

Since there’s probably still some residual love in the air, we thought we’d return to the New York City condom wrapper contest. You’ll recall the city launched it back in late December, trying to create a locally-made addition to Yves Behar‘s original. Now they’ve picked the five finalists and have opened up the voting to the world. They are Yukin Lee, Gene Lambert, Russell Greenberg, Luis Acosta, and Virgil Alderson. Personally speaking, but without getting too specific so as to avoid swaying your opinion (we understand the great power we wield over our readership), among the five, we think there are two really solid ones, one pretty okay one, and two that we really hope don’t win. And we sort of figure you’ll feel the same. Over at the NY Times‘ City Room blog, they have a nice write-up, talking to some of the finalists, listing the judges, and included their picks for the paper’s own design-your-condom-wrapper contest, some of which are better than the city’s picks.