New numbers on Facebook, Platform growth

Facebook released some new statistics today on overall growth, user demographics and engagement, international growth, and the Facebook Platform. Some notable numbers:

  • Facebook now has more than 42 million active users (double the number one year ago when it opened up registration and growing at more than 200,000 per day since January)
  • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college (85 percent of US college students still use Facebook)
  • More than half of active users return daily (users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site per day)
  • Facebook is the top photo sharing application on the Web
  • There are more than 6 million active user groups on the site
  • More than 80% of Facebook members have used at least one application built on the Facebook Platform

It’s quite impressive that 80%, or over 33 million, of Facebook members have installed a third-party Platform application.

By turning to Appsaholic and doing a little extrapolation (see below), we see that the top 44 apps alone have racked up nearly 200 million total installations. That means that the average user who has added at least one app has added an average of six apps. That may be even more impressive.

ApplicationDaily Active Users% ActiveApprox # Users
1 Top Friends2,713,59316%16,959,956
2 Video982,02310%9,820,230
3 Super Wall792,5849%8,806,489
4 Likeness429,6585%8,593,160
5 X Me513,3536%8,555,883
6 iLike757,9629%8,421,800
7 My Questions418,8625%8,377,240
8 SuperPoke!836,08310%8,360,830
9 Movies714,6299%7,940,322
10 Graffiti555,5037%7,935,757
11 FunWall1,267,98617%7,458,741
12 Compare People411,1556%6,852,583
13 Free Gifts361,1216%6,018,683
14 Moods269,1595%5,383,180
15 Superlatives262,5735%5,251,460
16 Happy Hour!155,3153%5,177,167
17 Causes250,8525%5,017,040
18 Fortune Cookie179,1274%4,478,175
19 Zombies219,2086%3,653,467
20 Sticky Notes179,7175%3,594,340
21 Quizzes287,2548%3,590,675
22 Booze Mail280,4928%3,506,150
23 My Aquarium204,9786%3,416,300
24 Naughty Gifts219,4587%3,135,114
25 Honesty Box265,6469%2,951,622
26 Vampires290,07210%2,900,720
27 Advanced Wall115,4054%2,885,125
28 Where I’ve Been114,8954%2,872,375
29 Nicknames188,4047%2,691,486
30 Texas HoldEm Poker145,5166%2,425,267
31 Favorite Peeps!140,1446%2,335,733
32 Mobile313,02514%2,235,893
33 (fluff)Friends262,31413%2,017,800
34 Grow-a-Gift186,42010%1,864,200
35 HOT or NOT104,7466%1,745,767
36 Entourage203,57314%1,454,093
37 WereWolves153,93311%1,399,391
38 Are YOU Interested?150,89111%1,371,736
39 Hatching Eggs144,71711%1,315,609
40 Fighters’ Club102,7398%1,284,238
41 PacMan119,77712%998,142
42 Bumper Sticker119,17114%851,221
43 Scrabulous217,86231%702,781
44 Hotness167,35026%643,654