New Nook Touch On Presale Now

Barnes & Noble introduced a new version of the Nook at a press conference in New York this morning and the device is now on sale on the Barnes & Noble homepage.

The new device is designed to simplify the eReading experience. (It was made with grandma in mind). Like the previous Nook, it is based in black-and-white eInk, but instead of being keyboard-controlled, it now has a touch screen. Like the Kobo, which was announced yesterday, it looks a lot like a traditional eInk eReader but you interface directly on the screen, as you would on a tablet.

Aside from touch, the other big deal is the long battery life. The device will hold one charge for two months, if you read half an hour a day on it.

The Nook costs $139 and is now on sale on the Barnes & Noble website. It will ship June 10th, in time for Father’s Day.

For more details, check out our live blog from the press conference by following this link.