New Nike Plus iPod Walking Tracking Site is a Disaster

If you have a 5th generation iPod nano or and iPhone/iPod touch with Nike’s shoe sensor insert, you may be familiar with the Nike Plus site that helps you keep count of your daily walking.
The site has been a relatively simple one. Up until yesterday, it showed you how many steps you took for each day in a week period. You could go backward in time to see previous days within past weeks. You could see an the average number of steps taken by other Nike Plus users. And, you won achievement awards based on the total number of steps taken. The site was simple, easy to read, and easy to interpret the information presented.
Nike launched a new version of the site yesterday. And, it is, in a word, awful. The sit is build using low-constrast colors and text. The text is nearly unreadable. Nike is using some artificial measure called NikeFuel as a metric instead of simple realworld steps. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get at older recorded step data without reverting to the previous site (which I did right after looking at the attrocious new site).
The NikeFuel metric is information-free and useless. Why invent a new metric for real-world walking steps? Nike should rethink their whole Nike Plus concept and send the design team back to the drawing boards or somewhere where they can’t do more visual harm.