‘New’ News Corp. Fills Executive Ranks

London-based execs named chief strategy officer and chief creative officer

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is organizing ranks at its proposed separate publishing arm, which it's currently calling the "New News Corporation."

Anoushka Healy, the group managing editor of News Corp.'s London newspapers The Times and Sunday Times, was named chief strategy officer of the new division. Before joining The Times a decade ago, she was the head of corporate communications at the Financial Times.

William Lewis, a London-based executive member of News Corp.’s management and standards committee, was named chief creative officer. Lewis, who joined News Corp. in 2010 as group GM of News International in the U.K., will be responsible for “commercial opportunities, including product launches, digital initiatives and acquisitions,” according to a statement.

Both Lewis and Healy will report to the division’s CEO, outgoing Wall Street Journal editor Robert Thomson.

The News Corp. board made the split official last June, arguing that the decision would increase profitability in both divisions. But critics have said that separating the highly profitable entertainment companies from the struggling newspapers could end up hurting the latter. The “New News Corporation,” is comprised of the company’s newspapers, education business, and book publisher HarperCollins. The entertainment arm, which will be called Fox Group, includes Fox News, Fox broadcast network, and Fox movie studio, several cable channels and other assets.