New Museum of Contemporary Art Building Review Bonanza


Lots upon lots being written this weekend as the brand new home of the New Museum of Contemporary Art opened its shiny doors on Saturday morning. To avoid our usual gibberish about nothing in particular (specifically when it comes to this writer), we thought we’d just pick a couple of select words from the bigger news outlets and give you a brief overview of the largely positive reviews of the building, designed by the firm, Sanna, in Japan:

Nicolai Ouroussoff from the NY Times:

“…what elevates the building itself to art is the way it captures an unnerving moment in the city’s cultural history with near-perfect pitch. Its ethereal forms hover somewhere between the legacy of a fading bohemian downtown and the ravenous appetites of a society awash in new money.”

James Russell at Bloomberg:

“In their first New York project, Sejima and Nishizawa have avoided stylistic flourishes and sculptural theatricality. The architecture will never overwhelm the contemporary art the museum champions, which can be provisional and tentative.”

And finally, from Ariella Budick at Newsday (who also offers up a great review of their first exhibition)

“…it consists of a stack of silver boxes teetering slightly out of alignment, like a pile of books that needs straightening. Its surface, which shimmers sleekly when seen from across the street, is actually made of aluminum mesh – porous but slightly penal, like the metallic webbing that allows prisoners their allotment of light and air but not physical access to the outside world.”