New Mother Nature update: Thank you for being a friend…and a sister

Old Mother Nature.jpgNew Mother Nature, takin' over.jpgThe debate continues to rage here at Fishbowl central — if margarine is such a good butter substitute, why does it taste so different when you bake with it? And, ahem – they’re not called “MargarineBall Turkeys” for a reason. But that’s not important now (though it will be tomorrow night); what’s important now is the relationship between Bea Arthur and Dena Dietrich, Chiffon Margarine’s face of Mother Nature back in the 70s. A reader writes (from Texas!) to offer additional intel on the like-looking ladies:

Just check out Dena Dietrich’s page at IMDB and you’ll see that she made a couple of guest ppearances playing Bea’s sister on “The Golden Girls.” A couple of years back, I remember seeing one of [Dena Dietrich’s] old margarine commercials (most likely on TV Land). That’s when I realized she was the same actress I’d seen share a few cozy moments with Dorothy Zbornak’s ex-husband during a two-part hurricane story on “The Golden Girls!” I never knew her name…till now, that is. Thanks for being so enlightening!

Happy to help, friendly Texan reader. And thank you for the tidbit, and for this extra-arcane bit of trivia:

Matthew Saks, the older of Bea’s adopted sons, played one of the cops in “The Monkey Show” (parts 1 and 2), the same episodes in which Dena appeared. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aw, it’s a real-life Thanksgiving miracle! Warms the heart on the eve of this touching holiday. Sniff. Thank you for being a friend, Fishbowl readers, even though I just totally mixed up the singular and plural.

It’s the New Mother Nature takin’ over — literally [FishbowlNY]