New App Brings Pro Networking To Facebook

Have you ever wanted to connect with professionals online, but thought it would just take way too long to close Facebook and open Linkedin?
Us neither, but that’s what is betting on with its new BeKnown, a Facebook app that merges your information with professional connections from other social networks.

Inside BeKnown, you can “friend” professionals who won’t get access to your personal Facebook data, so you can keep posting those drunk photos without fear.*

You can create a professional profile and earn badges for various achievements, “based on your work history, education, size and composition of your professional network, endorsements you’ve given or received, and more.” You can also get or give endorsements to connections.

But why Facebook? Since Facebook has about 7x the users of LinkedIn, Monster is calling its Facebook integration “the path of least resistance,” Mashable reports.

If you’d like to sign up check out the app here.

*Don’t actually do this.