New Mexico Student Newspaper Fades Into the Sunset

Founded in 1906, The Round Up will switch its name, format and print schedule.

TheRoudUpLogoThe Round Up couldn’t quite make it to a 110th print anniversary.

Per a report in the Las Cruces Sun-News, the weekly student newspaper of New Mexico State University, founded in 1906, is switching to a monthly magazine format and changing its name. As of Aug. 25, the publication will be known as Oncore magazine.

From the article:

With the new culture-feature publication, there is fear for some that the watchdog presence and experience for student journalists on campus will disappear.

“There won’t be anybody to keep an eye on administration,” said Tim Parker, an editor at The Round Up during the ’70s. “The journalism students who work for (Oncore) won’t get the experience of rigorous deadlines and news stories and meetings and stuff like that. I don’t agree with any of it. My main concern is that independent student media will disappear.”

Hwiman Chung, the head of NMSU’s Journalism department, is rightly upset that he and the student population were not properly consulted before the rounding down decision was made. Jeff Hand, a media advisor to The Round Up for the past 12 years, will retire ahead of the Oncore relaunch.