New Media Journalism 102: There Are Multiple Guys Named Chris Anderson in the Journalism World

Yesterday, in a post about Sarah Silverman’s “retarded” performance at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference, this humbled Fishie wrongly thought TED organizer Chris Anderson the same person as Wired editor Chris Anderson. That post has been significantly amended to get things straight. We regret the error.

But, seriously, two guys named Chris Anderson? When the folks at Wired wrote us to mention the mistake, they informed us it happens all the time. Both are involved in journalism and both affiliated with TED: one Anderson is a TED organizer and the other works for Wired, which sponsors TED.

SAG won’t let two actors work under the same name. Can we get a middle initial in there or something? Everyone knows the Internet killed off fact-checkers years ago. How about a little help?

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