New Media Index: Mixed Bag for Week of Feb. 1-5

According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s New Media Index for the week of Feb. 1-5, three completely unrelated stories were the most-covered on Twitter, in the blogosphere, and on YouTube.

Gay rights, specifically Pope Benedict’s opposition to Britain’s proposed “Equality Bill,” accounted for 13 percent of news links tweeted. That was followed by the Apple iPad at 10 percent; Twitter itself at 9 percent, including the resignation via tweeted haiku by Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz; the Symbian operating system at 8 percent; and the recall of several Toyota automobiles, also at 8 percent.

The blogosphere was topped by an anti-abortion Super Bowl ad featuring Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, with several links to a column in The Washington Post by sportswriter Sally Jenkins, representing 28 percent of news links on blogs. The rest of the top five: health-care reform at 25 percent; gay rights at 13 percent; a study suggesting that abstinence-only sex-education classes might be effective at 7 percent; and another Washington Post column, this one by former CIA director Michael Hayden, who criticized several anti-terrorism actions taken by President Barack Obama, at 6 percent.

The iPad was still front-and-center on YouTube, accounting for all give of the Google-owned video site’s most viewed videos for the week. The top five: ITN News’ coverage of the beginning of Steve Jobs’ press conference to unveil the iPad; the New York Post covering the same event; more ITN footage with Jobs displaying the tablet’s Web-surfing capabilities; a longer version from Fox News; and CBS News footage of the iPad announcement.