New marketing tool helps telecom companies measure Facebook success

Facebook launched a new tool Thursday that gives telecommunication carriers and operators a clearer picture of how their advertising on the social network impacts online and offline sales. Telco Outcome Measurement gauges return on investment based on impressions instead of just click-throughs and optimizes campaigns for better results, according to an announcement posted today on the Facebook for Business blog.

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook that the program makes an important distinction between impressions and click-throughs, bridging the gap between in-store sales and ad impressions delivered on Facebook:

Importantly, this solution shows that marketers should be optimizing for impressions versus clicks, as more than 90 percent of people who made a purchase after viewing an ad on Facebook had never clicked on that ad.

Though bound to expand, the solution is now available in nine countries, including the United States.

Bent on figuring out the efficacy of marketing efforts on Facebook, telecom carriers and operators wanted a too that would measure more than just click-throughs – the traditional success metrics in digital marketing, per the Facebook for Business blog:

Though clicks can be an effective indicator of interaction with Facebook content, they are less useful for linking digital impressions to in-store sales.

This outcome measurement tool looks beyond clicks to analyze actual sales, the blog explains:

At the core of Telco Outcome Measurement is Facebook’s mobile reach, which provides us with aggregate and anonymous information about devices, operating systems and carriers. From this starting point, we can establish test and control groups to determine how and when an ad on Facebook correlates to certain actions, such as a group of people switching to new handsets, tablets or carriers.

The solution analyzes the connection between Facebook exposure and resulting sales to help businesses determine the site’s impact on those transactions. Based on that correlation,a business can gain a lot of helpful insights about ROI, differences in adoption rates of devices or carriers according to demographic groups and the types and frequency of ads that yield the best results.

Some initial studies with the outcome measurement program shows that telecom ads placed in the desktop News Feed are seven times as effective than those right-hand spots. Ads rolled out on mobile are nine times more effective than on desktop.

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