New Magazine Statistics

Sure things are tough for print media right now, but that doesn’t mean that everything is doom and gloom. In fact, for many it means that business models are changing and that some of our favorite magazines are currently in transition right now.
So instead of digging graves for every print publication we know and love, Samir Husni, Chair of the Journalism Department at the University of Mississippi, has put together a list of encouraging statistics. The list includes information on new magazines started this quarter&#151yes there have been some&#151and magazine topics that have found success even in this economy.

Total New Launches in 2008: 697
Launches with a Quarterly frequency or more 196
Average Cover Price $8.10, yes you read that write…almost $5.00 more than the established magazines
Average Subscription Price $28.05, imagine that real price for the cost of the magazines and of course your receive fewer issues (4 or 6 issues for that price)… compare that with 52 issues for an average of $20.
Average Advertising Pages 12.34, way less than the 50/50 split…it is more like 10 percent of the entire magazine…we are back in the business of selling content first and charging for it the fair price without subsidies…
Average Total Pages 111.01
And which categories were the hot ones? Here are the top ten of 2008
Top Categories
1. Epicurean…97 (we love to eat regardless of the economy)
2. Crafts…68 (since we are cooking at home we have time to do some crafts while the food is in the oven)
3. Sports… 62 (armchair sports people are still looking for something to complement their addiction)
4. Home… 44 (see number one, we are spending more time at home, so we better take care of it)
5. Entertainment…42 (finished all the food, done the crafts, read the sports at home, now is time to catch up with our other addiction: celebrities: they are free and will cost you nothing but the price of the magazine)
6. Metropolitan…23 (there is no better place than home…act globally but live locally)
7. Fashion…21 (money is low, fantasy replaces reality)
8. Health…19 (do you really want to count how many articles dealt with stress and how to cope?)
T9. Games…17 (first it was crosswords, then word seek, now Sudoko is the king/queen of the games magazines)
T9. Sex…17 (I guess some still feel there is not enough on TV and the web)

If you need this in charts and graphs, check out Husini’s, aka Mr. Magazine, detailed analysis here.