New Look for

A cleaner site and a new newsletter.

Atlantic-art“What if we described,” wrote editor J.J. Gould in a post explaining the thinking behind’s redesign, “as a direct, dynamic, digital extension of our core identity in journalism–as a real-time magazine?”

You can see how that idea translated in today’s debut, with multiple story links embedded in a single photo, like a clickable magazine cover, interspersed among individual stories, posts and videos, each to tied to a large, vibrant image.

As an in-house, collaborative effort, the ownership and logic behind the site is completely the Atlantic’s. And that logic shows that the slow, contentious slog to the age of digital first has given way to the age of mobile first.

This approach is inspired by the emergent logics of scrolling and swiping in mobile media: The vertical axis of the homepage represents a logic of exploration (scrolling); the horizontal axis, a logic of connection (swiping). A good magazine should, after all, help us keep our bearings.

With the redesign comes a newly designed newsletter. Scrapping its Top Stories newsletter, The Atlantic is introducing in its place The Atlantic Daily, which will read more like an edited digest and less like a series of aggregated links.

Gould also hints at expanded reader engagement efforts, an effort that will be led by recently hired senior editor Chris Bodenner, beginning with a new email address,, where visitors can send their opinions of the redesign.