New Little Printer Prints Receipt-sized Daily Newspaper

A bold new product is arriving from BERG that plans to redesign personalized publishing, by printing news from Facebook, Foursquare and The Guardian.

The Little Printer is an ideal social media interface edited by you. According to CEO Matt Webb, the new product lives up to its name. It is a palm-sized, cube-shaped, thermal printer with an adorable pair of feet and a cute face that delivers personalized mini-newspaper.

The mini-newspaper curates content from partners like The Guardian, social media like Foursquare, Facebook, and even creates stuff by BERG, and the printed copy is the size of a receipt — no longer than 10 inches.

The London-based innovators are also know for introducing invisible-ink comics, augmented reality toys, holographic iPad light paintings, and a visual volume knob for Twitter.

During an exclusive preview with Co. Design, Webb said, “Each information source we think of as a personalized ‘publication’ that you subscribe to from a kind of ‘app store for paper,’ collated into a delivery that arrives at a chosen time.”

Webb explained that you feed requests to Little Printer by selecting content via a control that is like a mobile app. Next, you get your mini-newspaper delivered each day — once or twice. Little Printer is like Flipboard without the screen.

With the help of Little Printer you can receive personal paper deliveries, at regularly intervals, quietly and happily, without the bright flickering screens of mobile devices.