Link shows users more page posts and friend activity in News Feed

Facebook users who want to see more posts and stories from friends and pages they’re connected to can access a more complete view of their News Feed at

[Update 11/12/12 7:30 p.m. PT – The link now redirects users back to their regular feed. Facebook says the link was from a previous version of News Feed and was not meant to be accessible.]

The link, discovered by developer Tom Waddington, includes additional stories, such as those about friends adding new friends to their network or writing on each other’s Timelines, as well as more Like activity, photo tags and page posts.

It’s unclear whether this less-filtered News Feed is part of a new test or something that has been around for a while.

[Update 11/12/12 11:20 a.m. PT – Facebook responded with the following statement, “It is an old link that allows you to access your News Feed operating on an earlier version of our ranking algorithm. This feed does not show all posts.”]

Typically when users visit News Feed with “Top Stories” view, the URL is, likely standing for “Home, Normal.” When users switch to “Most Recent,” the URL is, likely for “Home, Chronological.” The “Most Recent” view shows users the same items as “Top Stories” but in a different order. The newly discovered URL actually shows users more posts and stories that don’t appear in the other views.

However, it seems the “all” view is still not a full real-time feed. It does not refresh automatically with new stories and does not include all stories about users liking and commenting on other posts or listening to songs via Open Graph applications like Spotify. The Ticker feed in the top left of News Feed, which does update without refreshing the page, includes more real-time activity than the main “all” feed.

We haven’t seen any buttons on Facebook linking to the “all” feed, and it’s possible that it may be removed at some point if it is a legacy feature. Waddington says he found the URL “through guesswork.”

As activity from users and pages increases, there is more competition for what makes it into News Feed. Facebook is regularly adjusting its algorithms to determine the best mix of content for each user. In the process, some users have complained that they’re missing posts they care about and many page owners feel as though Facebook is sabotaging their marketing efforts. However, last week some users began to see a separate “Pages Feed” where they can view all the updates from pages they Like in a single stream.

‘All’ view of News Feed

‘Top Stories’ view of News Feed