New Line Learns Mobile Ads Are Effective

When it comes to ad-supported mobile content, consumers think in terms of free games or ringtones, while the companies whose products are advertised are left wondering if anyone who downloaded the content paid attention to the ads.

goldencompass.jpgGreystripe, the leading ad-supported mobile game distributor, wanted the answer, so it commissioned Dynamic Logic Research Group to test the effectiveness of an ad campaign Greystripe ran for New Line Cinema’s recent release, “The Golden Compass.”

Turns out that the ads attached to the Greystripe games were indeed responsible for some “brand lift” for the flick. According to the research, consumers who saw the ads experienced a 19.3% increase in awareness of the film’s title over those who didn’t. Also, exposure to “The Golden Compass” ads resulted in a 9.5% increase in interest in seeing the film among all respondents. Intent to see the movie in a theater increased by 14.5% among respondents in the coveted 18-to-24 age group.

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Other findings include:
– Respondents who identified themselves as “frequent” moviegoers use the mobile Internet more often than those identified as “non-frequent” moviegoers (79% for frequent moviegoers vs. 58% for non moviegoers).

– Among the overall sample, 35% use their mobile phones for “finding theater and movie times” and 29% “watch movie trailers.”

– Mobile ads resonated best among respondents aged 18-24.

– Mobile ads were most effective among those described as “avid” moviegoers (those who have seen three or more movies in the theater in the past two months).

As for Greystripe, the campaign resulted in a 59.7% increase in mobile advertising awareness on its network. Unlike most mobile ads, Greystripe delivers full-screen advertisements that are wrapped around its games. According to the research, the Greystripe mobile ad format outperforms awareness in online media by 52%. In fact, it claims that the results for its “Golden Compass” campaign were higher than those typically seen for new movie releases on the Internet.

Dynamic Logic conducted the survey from November 8-December 6, 2007.