New Levels for Both Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons!

Angry Birds Rio got a new level earlier this month. Now, it is time for its older siblings. The Original Angry Birds has a new dark theme with new levels filled with evil green pigs in its version 1.6.0 update. The pigs went underground to hide the eggs this time. The update for the iPhone version notes information related to a followup minor point update: 1.6.1 UPDATE IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It may take longer than usual to load the game for the first time. Thanks for your patience.

Angry Birds Seasons, in contrast, has a bright sunny new level with its new levels in the Sunny Summer theme. In addition to the game play, Seasons lets you send summer greeting cards to friends.

Some Customer Reviews in the iTunes App Store note displeasure in a wait for the next Summer theme level. This was also the case with the earlier update for Angry Birds Rio.

The new themes and levels are available for both the iPhone and Android versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons.