New Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Show NFC Chip

The rumored launch date for the iPhone 5 is still several weeks away and it looks like Apple is going to set a new record for leaked parts. A new set of photos showed up on Photobucket which appear to show the the complete sub-assembly for the new iPhone.

While before I have shown you the front face (and the screen had been posted elsewhere), today’s photos show the screen and face as well as the new centered camera and another chip. It’s not completely clear what the square chip in the photo is, but the current theory circulating online is that it’s an NFC chip. Have you ever seen someone wave a card or phone at a sensor in order to make a payment? That’s what this chip can do. Or rather that’s what the new iPhone will do.

The new iPhone is still on for a 12 September launch, putting it 6 days behind Amazon’s Kindle launch. It’s expected to hit the market about a week later, which would leave just enough time for all the reviews to be posted and the buzz to die down before the iPad Mini launches in October. The latest rumor is predicting that the iPad Mini will be shown off at Apple’s music event in October, though I’m still not completely convinced.