New Kindle Teaser Is Subtle Apple Jab


You know how there’s always that Kindle ad at the top of the Amazon home page. Well, the newest one–in the screen shot above–is a subtle jab at the iPad. While the iPad’s wireless is contract-free, it ain’t free-free–you’ve got to pay $130 more for a 3G iPad, plus $30 per month for service.

Kindle, of course, offers its wireless for free, meaning you can use its frustrating “experimental” Web browser all you want. And with the promise of apps coming soon, as well as a new Apple-like royalty structure, Amazon seems to be doing all it can to make users think of the Kindle as a smarter alternative to the iPad.

Where are you at with the iPad these days? Do you want one? Have you got a Kindle? Do you think the apps will be any good?