New Kindle Fires Are Coming to Australia

When Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD last week, and it immediately caught everyone’s attention. The new tablet had a great set of specs for the price and  everyone wanted to buy it. That presented something of a problem for most of the world because Amazon is only planning to sell the Kindle Fire HD in the US and parts of Europe.

Luckily for Australians, one retailer is stepping forward to fill in the gap. Readershop has recently announced plans to import both the new Kindle Paperwhite as well as the update Kindle Fire. At a later point they will likely import the 7″ and 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD, but those models won’t even be shipped by Amazon for another couple months.

“They’ll be available between 8- 11 of October,” Readershop’s Leonardo Crespo told Australian Business Traveller, with next-day delivery, “but we don’t know the prices yet. We’ll know around 3-5 October.” Readershop is also offering their standard 1 year warranty and an accessories bundle which includes a power adapter, in car charger, and a DVD filled with 30 thousand free ebooks.