New Kids Reading App Tracks Progress & Snitches on Readers

Ruckus Media Group, publisher of eBook apps ranging from Transformers to Crayola, has just launched a new app which is bound to be the darling of teachers, parents, and anyone who is concerned about making sure children read.

Ruckus Reader builds on RMG’s experience with eBook apps and it adds something new. While kids will be able to read any of the eBooks produced by Ruckus, parents (or whoever is the admin) will be able to see the reading stats for the kids.

The apps supports up to 4 accounts, and that will let parents track multiple kids. Parents will get a weekly email from the apps with stats that list each kid’s progress in mastering “phonics and word recognition, print awareness, fluency, alphabetic knowledge, sequencing and story comprehension in real time.”

Ruckus currently offers several dozen titles, including eBooks, enhanced eBooks, and narrated picture books (closer to videos than books) across multiple virtual bookshelves. A number titles are free, and you can buy either individual titles, a complete bookshelf, or you can subscribe. For $25, you can get access to all titles offered by Ruckus as well as the progress report emails.

Ruckus also plans to add titles from other publishers. They currently offer Curious George, which is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcort, and they plan to add more titles in the next couple months.

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