New Job Search Study Breaks It Down by Generation

This just in, courtesy of Millennial Branding and A new survey revealed job search results by generation.

In an exclusive interview, Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding and author of Me 2.0, indicated, “Our study shows that boomers are job searching online, and using social networks, over younger generations. They also have the longest job search and suffer the most from age discrimination.”

As for the younger generation, that would be Generation Y, they’re more optimistic about finding a job and they also value workplace flexibility.  He added, “Gen Y understands the current economic situation, is optimistic and is willing to get back to school or start a business as alternatives to not being employed.”

Let’s not forget Gen X as they’re nestled between Gen Y and the Baby Boomers. While they value job security, when it comes to unemployment they’ve endured more stress and frustration than other generations. Plus, Schawbel added the Gen X employee “wants to feel special but isn’t noticed as much and has constant pressure to support their families so they are looking for job security.”

In other data, the length of the job search is shortest for Gen Y and longest for Baby Boomers (yes, in case you’re wondering Gen X also falls in the middle).

As for qualities each generation values most in a potential employer, they vary as well based on generation. For Gen Y, the top value is location followed by meaningful work and job security. On the other hand, Gen X valued job security first and then employee benefits second, and location third. Baby Boomers placed the ultimate value on an employer’s meaningful work and said the second most important aspect was location, followed by employee benefits and job security.