New Issue of DC Mag Brings the Funny

DC mag shows its sense of humor with a tongue-in-cheek open letter to Mayor Fenty in their Jan/Feb issue. The witty and wise piece, “20 Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Ways to Improve DC” was written by Jeff Dufour. Here are a few of our favorites:

1: Mandatory five-minute orientation film for tourists. Anyone who can’t prove they’ve lived in a major city for a year will be ushered into a theater next to baggage claim at the airport. We’ll give them 3-D glasses. Tom Hanks can narrate. Lesson one: standing to the right on Metro escalators.

3: Get the Trader Joe’s HR people to train public servants. If the bubbly “crew members” can endure 12 months of training to hawk granola, surely the staff at DC’s building permits desk can go through a few weeks of rudimentary politesse.

6: Replace RFK with an Outdoor Amphitheater. The city can call it economic development. We’ll call it not spending four hours to get to Nissan Pavilion and back.

11: Tax incentives for good bagels. If you can boil a better-than-average round of bread dough, we want you. Experience in Queens a plus…

19: Make the fleet of shared bikes look…cooler. Nice idea, those shared bikes. But why do they look like they should have a basket in front and tassels hanging from the handlebars?

For Dufour’s full list and a “Best of DC” roundup for 2010, pick up the new issue of DC when it hits stands on January 12.