New iPod Touch Coming This Fall?

We’ve reached the point that the coming new iPhone i pretty much an established fact, so now it’s time for the rumor mill to turn its attention to Apple’s other gadgets.

MacRumors is reporting this morning that one of their usually reliable sources, a market analysis firm, is predicting that a new iPod Touch will debut this year:

Kicking off the schedule of launches are said to be “all-new” iPod touch and iPod nano models. Details on the new models are currently slim, but the revised iPod touch is said to include the new in-cell touch display technology that has been rumored by several sources for the next-generation iPhone.

The image at right is MacRumor’s best guess for what it may look like, but I’m not so sure. I don’t think Apple would want to revive the Zune design, do you?

via MacRumors

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