New iPhone OS Will Support Video Export To Facebook

9to5Mac appears to have uncovered an upcoming feature within the new iOS platform from Apple that runs on Apples mobile devices: video export to Facebook. That means the new iPhones (iPhone3GS and iPhone 4) will serve as an excellent replacement to Flip with direct integration into Facebook. There’s already direct uploads to YouTube, yet this will be useful for those individuals looking to share with their friends.

While details are scarce right now, a little piece of iOS 4 source code revealed the new feature. This is pretty exciting and most definitely a good reason to upgrade your iPhone from the 3G if that’s the version you still have (as I do). Will you be buying the new iPhone when it’s released? Do you think uploading video directly to Facebook is a killer feature?

The image shown above is not an actual screenshot, just a representation of how the functionality should look.