New iPhone Case Turns Your iPhone into a 6″ Tablet

Someone has come up with a new twist on an old idea. You’re looking at a bumper for the iPhone 4 with a detachable magnifying lens . It’s not much good for mobile use, but I can see the value for the visually impaired.

From the product description:

The Tarsier 2.0 for iPhone 4 is two products folded into one: an elegant bumper case and a detachable, foldaway lens fixture. It magnifies the iPhone’s display to an equivalent of a 6″ LCD. Use it to read eBooks, play games and watch videos.

This model consists of 7 parts: The case, the 4 pieces that hold the lens in place and the 2 connectors that attach the lens to the case. It is very easy and fast to attach and remove the lens fixture.

It’s selling for $25, which isn’t a whole lot more than a standard bumper.

via Shapeways