New Interface Simplifies Facebook Events

Facebook is trying to make its interface simpler for new users and existing users — see its news feed tests if not Facebook Lite for some very obvious examples of these changes. But the company is also tackling its own applications. Events, for example, recently got an upgrade.

Now, there’s a clear, three-step sequence. First, it asks you to fill out a minimal amount of information: Title, location, start and end times, and your preferred level of privacy. In the old design, there were more fields, and it required you to add host, event type, and location. Location is now optional. Host is no longer an option; the normal interface implies that you are personally the host. If you have a group or Page that you’re trying to create an event for, go to those pages and create a specific event via the “create a related event” link.

Any details you want to add to the event are now in the second step. Inviting friends is the third. If you want to add a picture, you no longer have to both select a file from your computer, then click on “upload” to add it. Now, selecting the file will upload it automatically.

So, all in all, these design changes seem small, and follow other iterations, like Facebook’s introduction of a simple event planner to the “publisher” feature earlier this year. Yet many users may not have been creating events because they are confused by the interface. Perhaps these changes will make the Events app — and Facebook — a more integral part of users’ lives.

See the new interface, above, and the old interface, below, via Mashable.

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