New Hires in Social Gaming: Booyah, Gaia Online, GamesAnalytics, & More

The stream of new hires in the social gaming world may have slowed down last week, but that trend didn’t last long. This time around, 12 developers have brought on new members based on data from LinkedIn as well as what companies have shared with us.

The companies of GamesAnalytics, Kabam, and DoubleDown Interactive made some major hires as well. In terms of the first, the stealth game analytics firm brought on former Activision co-founder Alan Miller as its strategic advisor and director of North American operations. As far as Kabam goes, the social game maker has announced the hiring of Kent Wakeford as their new executive vice-president of corporate development and general counsel. DoubleDown Interactive, on the other hand, has appointed Glenn Walcott as its new president.

As always, if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please let us know. Email editor (at) insidesocialgames (dot) com, and we’ll get it into this or next week’s post. Also, please note that most new hires presented are based directly on company updates from LinkedIn.

Looking for new opportunities? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry.

Here’s this week’s full list:


  • Tracy Espeleta — Espeleta joins Booyah as a lead producer this week. Prior to this, she was a producer for Electronic Arts.
  • Grant Rodiek — A former lead producer from Electronic Arts as well, Grant is now a senior designer for Booyah.

DoubleDown Interactive

Gaia Online

  • Monique Vu — Now a project manager for Gaia Interactive (Gaia Online), Vu was previously a marketing and PR intern at Poketo.


  • Alan Miller — As stated already, Alan Miller joins the folks over at GameAnalytics as their new strategic advisor and director of North American Operations. He is best know as the co-founder of Activision and its VP of product development.  He is also known for co-founding Accolade, serving as VP of product development and both chairman and CEO, before it was acquired by Atari.

Happy Elements


  • Kent Wakeford — As noted prior, Kent Wakeford joins Kabam as their new executive vice-president of corporate development and general counsel. Wakeford was, in the past, co-founder and president of AdSafe Media.
  • Jason Lee — Formerly a manager of strategic partnerships for Zynga, Lee joins Kabam as a producer.
  • David Chang — Chang joins Kabam as a senior development director for Kingdoms of Camelot. Before this, he was an engineering manager at Hi5.
  • Kam Cheung — Kabam gains a new 2D artist with Cheung, a former teaching assistant at the Academy of Art University.
  • Victoria Kennedy — Previously a business development associate at Martini Media Network, Kennedy is now a player experience associate for Kabam.


  • Joshua Bell — KlickNation fills us in on two new hires, starting with Bell, there newest associate software engineer. Before this, Bell was a Flash developer for Pandamonium Games.
  • Jovana Milenkovic — Previously a compliance analyst at Kaiser, Milenkovic joins the KlickNation team this week as their newest recruiter.


  • Michael Ritter — A single hire for MindJolt this week as Ritter is now part of mergers and acquisitions at the company. Prior, he was owner and publisher of Saturday Night Magazine.


  • Markus Krichel — Playdom gives us the heads up on Krichel, who joins the team this week as a senior producer. Prior to this, Krichel was a producer for LEGO Systems, namely the LEGO Universe MMO.


  • Heather Kulawiak — PopCap also makes a single hire this week with Kulawiak, who joins as an HR/finance project coordinator. She was previously an HR and benefits administrator at WhitePages.


  • Freya Poulsen — The folks over at wooga let us know of some new hires this week, starting with Poulsen who joins as their newest game artist.
  • Stephan Pohl — Also joining wooga as a game artist is Pohl, a former freelancer.


  • Neha Joshi — Joshi joins Zynga as a QA engineer. Before this, she was a research scientist at McAfee.
  • Sach Steffel — Formerly an artist at Namco, Steffel is now a senior artist at Zynga.
  • Aaron Jones — Zynga gains a new mobile software developer with Jones, a former iPhone application developer intern at Bernard Johnson Corp.
  • Vaibhav Bajpai — Now a software engineer at Zynga, Bajpai was previously a senior software engineer at Yahoo!.
  • Bilal Bajwa — In an internal shift at Zynga, Bajwa changes from revenue product manager (Poker) to a director of business.
  • Stanislav Komsky — Another internal Zynga change as Komsky moves from product management intern to product manager.