New Hires in Social Gaming: Digital Chocolate, iWin, Kabam, & More

After a fairly sizable week of new hires last week, the volume of human resource activity within the social games space has dropped off a bit, according to information from LinkedIn and other sources. Moreover, of all the companies highlighted, the largest hire was Steve DeWarns who joins SocialShield as its new chief safety officer. SocialShield is an online safety monitoring company that protects children within social networks and games.

As always, if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please let us know. Email editor (at) insidesocialgames (dot) com, and we’ll get it into this or next week’s post. Also, please note that the information about most new hires, below, comes directly from company updates from LinkedIn, and is only as current as people’s profiles.

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Here’s this week’s full list:

Digital Chocolate


  • Gurnam Bedi, Platform Engineer — Bedi starts off a trio of new iWin hires. Bedi was previously a senior programmer for DDS, Inc. 
  • Benjamin Sasson, Senior Product Manager — Also joining iWin is Sasson, a former senior product manager for Tagged.
  • John Harris, Software Engineers — Lastly, Harris joins the team and was formerly an independent contractor for companies such as Atari and Disney.



  • Rober Andriuolo, QA Tester — In a single hire for Metrogames, Andriuolo was previously a playtester lead for Gameloft.


  • Rehana Khan, Artist — Joining the Playdom team this week, Khan was previously an artist for Booyah.

PopCap Games

  • Randy Bowren, Facilities Administrative Assistant — While now at PopCap Games, Bowren is still currently a coordinator and office manager for Flying House Productions. He was also previously a company manager for them as well.
  • PJ O Halloran, Software Engineer — Also joining PopCap Games, Halloran was formerly a C and C++ software engineer for Smiths Detection.


  • Steve DeWarns, Chief Saftey Officer — In the largest hire noted this week, online safety monitoring service for children on social networks and games, SocialShield, has brought on Steve DeWarns as their new chief safety officer. DeWarns comes with 21 years of law enforcement experience.


  • Manuel Montero, Engineer – IT Platforms — In an internal shift at Zynga, Montero changes roles from an engineering supervisor of facilities.
  • David Collier, QA Analyst — Now at Zynga, Collier was formerly a community manager and social media expert for Sneaky Games.
  • Christian Clough, Senior Software Engineer — In another internal change, Clough was previously a feature developer lead for Zynga.
  • Anna Huerta, Game Designer — Huerta was previously a game designer and integrator for The Walk Disney Company.
  • Simran Chaudhry, Product Manager — Chaudhry was most recently a student at the University of California, Berkeley.