New Hires in Social Gaming: CrowdStar, Mindjolt, Zynga, & More

While there might be more out there, this has been a pretty slow week for new hires in social gaming, at least according to the data from LinkedIn. Five of the major social developers out there made significant hires, adding up to a maximum of five new team members each. This wasn’t much of a week for leadership changes either, as compared to last week.

Here is the list:


  • Travis Gregory – Travis is the only new person to join the CrowdStar team this week,as a new UI Designer. Previously, he worked as an Art Director for Sony Online Entertainment’s Web Presence.


  • Michael Twardos – Formerly an Analytics Scientist for Slide, Michael Twardos joins Mindjolt as its newest Senior Analyst.


  • Betsy Holmes – A former Sr. Marketing Designer, she’s changing roles, becoming a new Design Manager for Playdom.
  • Alex Dragovich – Previously a Web Development Manager at InstantAction, Alex joins Playdom as a new Web Developer.
  • Tami Baribeau – Joining Playdom as an Associate Producer, Tami Baribeau was part of the Metaplace acquisition, where she was in the same role.
  • Dorian Ouer – Also formerly of Metaplace, he changes his role from Senior Software Engineer to Senior Programmer for Playdom.
  • Dan Simon – He joins the Playdom team as a new Development Lead. Dan’s prior experience was as a Senior Web Developer and Technical Lead for IronKey, Inc.


  • James Warren – Looks like James gets a new role within RockYou!, changing from Senior Software Engineer to a Data Warehousing Architect.
  • Sloan Sehr – As noted already, Sloan Sehr is now the Director of Sales for New York at RockYou! Previously, he was the Senior Account Exectutive of Major Accounts at Yahoo!


  • Berto Alvaro – Alvaro has moved up in Zynga to Art Director. Previously, he was Senior Lead UI Designer.
  • Kapeesh Saraf – Formerly a student at Stanford University, Kapeesh now joins Zynga as a new Product Manager.
  • Bhushan Suryavanshi – Another new Product Manager joins Zynga in the form of Bhushan Suryavanshi. Previously, Bhushan was a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Rajiv Bhatia – Another student, this time an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, joins Zynga as Product Manager.
  • Philip Jen – Philip joins Zynga as its newest Data Analyst. Prior to this, he worked as an Analytical Engineer for Brighterion.